Job Hunt

Jeet was fast getting used to failure and disappointment. The global recession had cost him his previous job and he was getting desperate. To his credit, he left no stone unturned, applying at every company that was hiring someone even remotely matching his qualifications. Four months, twenty-two interviews and a lot of misfortune later, he […]

The Green Bench

They lived across from each other. An old, green bench stood below their house. The youngest in their respective families, love was bound to blossom between them. He saw her every morning before the first rays of the sun lit up her light, graceful skin. She would sway gently as she’d wake up and he would watch her fondly, […]


All of eighteen, Raghav loathed weekends with a passion reserved only for a college-going boy drenched in the early rains of love.


She trotted around the house, silently observing everything. She took in the sights, smells and sounds. Like every child, she was curious by nature, but her fascination for colors eclipsed everything else. She would stare in bewilderment at the pristine white walls. One fine day, she spotted her older sister’s poster-color box lying on the table. She ran […]

Mr. Mozzarella

Mr. Mozzarella was a wealthy man. He was well-known around the world, though he was Italian by birth. He loved being around his best friends, Mr. Pizza and Mr. Pasta. He had travelled around the world many times and felt it was now time for him to spend some of the money he had made and enjoy […]

The Eagle Has Landed

The Presidential motorcade wound through the exit gate of the White House and headed east on Pennsylvania Avenue NW towards 14th Street NW. “Mr. President, please try and understand. We have a situation here. It’s a security threat. You can’t go in there.” “Buck, this is too important an event to miss. Besides, if we […]

Best of Three

“Anjali didi, let’s play carrom, please? Best of three”, pleaded Chintu. “I’m tired, Chintu. I’ve had a long day”, said Anjali wearily. “PLEASE didi!” wailed Chintu. “Okay, fine! But if I win the first two games, it’s done, alright?” said Anjali. “Done”, beamed Chintu. After twenty minutes, Chintu could be heard begging his sister to […]


He would catch the 06:17am train every morning and reach his workplace by 07:30am. The customers would start pouring in 08:30am onwards. He would break thrice for tea, once for lunch and catch the 09:30pm train back home. It had been thirty-two years since Roshan started working at Churchgate station. His skin now resembled the […]

The Feather

A lone white feather lazily floated down from the terrace of the house down in Quarry Wood, which overlooked the River Thames. Little Anne was sitting on the garden bench with her favorite teddy bear and frowning because of the scolding her father had given her. The feather willed the wind to carry him to […]


The year was 2050. It was renowned billionaire, Mr. Sun Wheeler’s ninetieth birthday. He woke up that morning and hobbled to his favorite mini-garage. He lovingly fingered his Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, Ford Thunderbird, Chevrolet Nomad, Oldsmobile 442 and Maserati Mistral. Childhood memories came flooding back as he eyed his 1969 Hot Wheels collection proudly.