He would catch the 06:17am train every morning and reach his workplace by 07:30am. The customers would start pouring in 08:30am onwards. He would break thrice for tea, once for lunch and catch the 09:30pm train back home. It had been thirty-two years since Roshan started working at Churchgate station. His skin now resembled the […]

The Feather

A lone white feather lazily floated down from the terrace of the house down in Quarry Wood, which overlooked the River Thames. Little Anne was sitting on the garden bench with her favorite teddy bear and frowning because of the scolding her father had given her. The feather willed the wind to carry him to […]


The year was 2050. It was renowned billionaire, Mr. Sun Wheeler’s ninetieth birthday. He woke up that morning and hobbled to his favorite mini-garage. He lovingly fingered his Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, Ford Thunderbird, Chevrolet Nomad, Oldsmobile 442 and Maserati Mistral. Childhood memories came flooding back as he eyed his 1969 Hot Wheels collection proudly.

What Do We Have In Our Pockets?

As of now I have a cigarette lighter (I do not smoke), a stamp, a cough drop, a slightly bent cigarette (who knows who might want it), a toothpick, a pen and some coins. But that’s not what all that I have in my pocket. There is more. It is just that no one questions. […]

Downside Up

Mrs. Cot got off the phone and glided into the bedroom, extremely irritated. She stopped dead in her tracks. Her king-size bed and cupboard were hanging from the ceiling. The fan was whirring noisily on the floor. “Oh well, I’m getting old. Been dead since a long time now”, she sighed, turning herself downside up.

A Creature of Habit

Old Jack had been shuffling into the same tiny coffee shop every morning at eight am since the past fifteen years. A creature of habit, he would take the seat by the door, order one cup of tea with two slices of bread and jam, read the morning newspaper for forty five minutes and greet the regulars […]

The Newspaper Boy

The newspaper boy would do his rounds, climbing up and down the stairs of thirty four buildings of three floors each, plugged in cheerfully to the early morning radio show on his phone. He would fold and stuff the papers neatly into all sorts of door flaps, latches and door handles. Nobody knew the headlines better than him, as […]

Room Service

“That was so good!”, she whispered blissfully. Her husband was lying down next to her and she looked at him fondly. She was in the mood for more, but he was spent. She kissed him longingly on the lips and was about to go to the bathroom to clean up, when she heard a gentle knock on the door. […]

Red Ink

Captain Hunt lay there wounded, in a jungle in North Vietnam. Looking around desperately, he grabbed a small twig, dipped it into the blood spurting out of his stomach and scribbled a note on the back of a photograph he had of his wife and daughter. With his last few breaths, he blew the blood dry on the photograph.


“All of us will eventually die. If we act smart though, we can survive longer collectively”, he said calming everyone down. They were stuck on an island with no flora or fauna. He was the only logician amongst the 31. “We will have to kill one amongst ourselves and eat their meat. All of us […]