The Chase

Udaysingh tied the half full sack of peanuts securely with a jute rope and swung it over his back. The coarse jute rubbed against the side of his neck as he shuffled slowly toward the bus stand. The smell of dry mud, rubber, jute and sweat hung in the air. He was just in time to catch […]

East Side Story

Ananya had known Hrishikesh through email and various social networking websites for almost a year. Today she was finally going to meet him for coffee. She felt a certain apprehension as she had never done something like this before, but calmed herself thinking that they had interacted quite a lot over the past few months. […]

The Cab Ride

Harvey sprinted out of Kings Cross Station and hailed a cab. “Where to, guv?” asked the cabbie. “The Savoy. Get me there in ten minutes and I’ll give you double the fare”, said Harvey, getting into one of the famous black cabs, slightly out of breath. “We’ll be there in seven. What’s the hurry, guv?” asked […]