Job Hunt

Jeet was fast getting used to failure and disappointment. The global recession had cost him his previous job and he was getting desperate. To his credit, he left no stone unturned, applying at every company
that was hiring someone even remotely matching his qualifications. Four months, twenty-two interviews and a lot of misfortune later, he was still clutching at straws.
That morning, like every other morning, he turned directly to the classifieds section of the newspaper. As his practiced eyes browsed through the entire supplement quickly, he did a double-take. It was a walk-in interview listing for a job-vacancy in a Fortune 500 company, looking for someone with exactly his level of qualification, skill sets and experience. He could scarcely believe his eyes. He quickly got ready and left for the interview.
As he was crossing the highway near his house, he spotted Misfortune sitting in her car at the signal. There was no mistaking her. After all these months, he could recognize her in an instant. He quickly looked away, hoping that she hadn’t seen him. He walked to the railway station, intending to take a train for the official district of the city. Jeet spotted his long lost friend, Good Luck in tattered clothes alighting from the train as he was boarding it. He had half a mind to follow him, but Good Luck seemed to be down and out. Plus, this job offer was too good miss, so he got into the train.
As Jeet was commuting, many thoughts raced through his mind. He thought about possible interview questions from his recent experiences, checked to see if he had carried everything he needed and also spotted his fair-weather friend, Anxiety.
Half an hour later, Jeet found himself in the plush lobby of the skyscraper of the company headquarters. ‘The receptionist is strikingly pretty’, he thought, as he was directed to the fourteenth floor. He entered the elevator and Bad Luck got in behind him. He shifted uncomfortably and was on tenterhooks, as the glass elevator smoothly made its way up. The elevator stopped on the thirteenth floor and Bad Luck stepped out. Jeet let out a huge sigh of relief and looked smug as he got off the elevator on the fourteenth floor. He was informed that he was second in line for the interview.
Jeet looked at his watch. He was half an hour early. He removed the financial newspaper and leafed through it. He had grown habituated to this exercise before every interview in the past few months. It helped him calm his nerves and he saw no reason why he should do anything different today.
Soon, it was his turn. Jeet got up, said a little prayer and covered the distance to the entrance of the interview room in twelve measured strides. He knocked on the door and after a suitable pause, pushed it open. As he stepped into the room and looked up, he froze. For sitting in the middle of the five-member interview panel, was Misfortune.

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