Mr. Mozzarella

Mr. Mozzarella was a wealthy man. He was well-known around the world, though he was Italian by birth. He loved being around his best friends, Mr. Pizza and Mr. Pasta.
He had travelled around the world many times and felt it was now time for him to spend some of the money he had made and enjoy himself. So, Mr. Mozzarella went to Las Vegas. He played poker, blackjack and generally gambled his heart out. Unfortunately, he lost his entire fortune in the three nights he spent there. When he returned home to Italy, his countrymen were ashamed of his irresponsibility. They shunted him unceremoniously out of Italy.
Crestfallen, Mr. Mozzarella roamed aimlessly from country to country, till he finally set foot in India.  A farmer took pity on his sorry plight and offered him a small cottage to live in. Mr. Mozzarella thankfully accepted and started living in the cottage. As the farmer had difficulty pronouncing Mr. Mozzarella’s name, he started calling him “Paneer”, instead.

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