The Reluctant Barber

Elite Hair Saloon was an establishment older than its current owner, passed on to him by his enterprising, impatient and short-tempered father. The father had no flair for cutting hair, but back in the day money was hard to come by for a fourteen-year old orphan. Abu Hafeez had to put food on the floor […]

Best of Three

“Anjali didi, let’s play carrom, please? Best of three”, pleaded Chintu. “I’m tired, Chintu. I’ve had a long day”, said Anjali wearily. “PLEASE didi!” wailed Chintu. “Okay, fine! But if I win the first two games, it’s done, alright?” said Anjali. “Done”, beamed Chintu. After twenty minutes, Chintu could be heard begging his sister to […]

A Creature of Habit

Old Jack had been shuffling into the same tiny coffee shop every morning at eight am since the past fifteen years. A creature of habit, he would take the seat by the door, order one cup of tea with two slices of bread and jam, read the morning newspaper for forty five minutes and greet the regulars […]

The Old Man

The old man shuffled slowly to the window as he heard the distinct sound of car tyres screeching to a halt. It was 10 am. They were one hour late, as usual. He peered out of the window and smiled as he saw his grandson leap out of the back seat and come running towards the entrance […]