Ria clutched the door handle tightly and turned the knob downward very slowly, gritting her teeth as she did so. She didn’t want to wake up her parents sleeping in the adjacent room. Besides, gritting her teeth made her feel that she wasn’t making any noise, especially when she released the door handle and the […]

The Green Bench

They lived across from each other. An old, green bench stood below their house. The youngest in their respective families, love was bound to blossom between them. He saw her every morning before the first rays of the sun lit up her light, graceful skin. She would sway gently as she’d wake up and he would watch her fondly, […]


All of eighteen, Raghav loathed weekends with a passion reserved only for a college-going boy drenched in the early rains of love.

East Side Story

Ananya had known Hrishikesh through email and various social networking websites for almost a year. Today she was finally going to meet him for coffee. She felt a certain apprehension as she had never done something like this before, but calmed herself thinking that they had interacted quite a lot over the past few months. […]

Room Service

“That was so good!”, she whispered blissfully. Her husband was lying down next to her and she looked at him fondly. She was in the mood for more, but he was spent. She kissed him longingly on the lips and was about to go to the bathroom to clean up, when she heard a gentle knock on the door. […]

At The Grocer’s

Hungry and almost broke, he headed out to the grocer’s. She was buying vegetables. A familiar face that once meant love. Their eyes met. She saw the hunger. An imperceptible nod later, he handed over all his money to the cashier and took the packet. As they walked out together holding hands, she asked, “Your […]