The Green Bench

They lived across from each other. An old, green bench stood below their house. The youngest in their respective families, love was bound to blossom between them.

He saw her every morning before the first rays of the sun lit up her light, graceful skin. She would sway gently as she’d wake up and he would watch her fondly, as their rooms were right across each other’s at the far end of both their homes. She didn’t mind one bit because she loved the way he would gaze at her adoringly.

This went on for months. They both knew they shared a special bond, but in their world, the only way to be together was to break away from their families and ride away into the sunset.
That morning when she woke up, she saw him looking at her with the usual loving gaze, but she saw something else too. A purposeful, steely resolve. She knew the time had come and she couldn’t wait any longer either. With a heavy heart, she spoke to her family about her decision the same afternoon. They all rustled their agreement and wished her well. Meanwhile, he spoke to a friend to pass on a message to a mutual friend and made the deal.

That evening he broke free from his home, settled down on the green bench and looked up at her. A few minutes later she plucked herself from the delicate twig that had kept her away from him for so many months. The gentle wind carried her from the branch of the massive tree and into his waiting arms below. They embraced for a long moment, before a strong gust of wind carried them away into the sunset, clinging on to each other.

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