Ria clutched the door handle tightly and turned the knob downward very slowly, gritting her teeth as she did so. She didn’t want to wake up her parents sleeping in the adjacent room. Besides, gritting her teeth made her feel that she wasn’t making any noise, especially when she released the door handle and the knob let out its customary squeak half-way up.
She craned forward and peeked at the bottom of her parents’ bedroom door. In the darkness of midnight there was no sliver of light coming through. “Good. They are asleep”, she thought.
She was feeling slightly thirsty, but decided against walking to the kitchen and risk making more noise. Instead, she quickly walked to the living room, unplugged the charger from the wall socket and tiptoed back to her room.
She noiselessly shut the room door, plugged the charger into the socket near her bed, put the pin into the phone, plugged the hands-free into her ears, and breathlessly spoke into the mic, “Sorry love, battery was low…”

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